Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{crazy girl with a camera}

Here's the story behind these beautiful flower pictures!
I was outside looking around for something to take pictures of and my mom comes out and wants me to take a picture of these flowers! The only problem? They are in our neighbors yard, and I guess I just felt a little weird pointing a camera over our fence towards our neighbors back yard! After all I don't want them to think I'm spying on them or doing anything creepy! But anyways, as long as my mother promised to stand beside me (I figured she could do the explaining! :) then I would take the pictures! Which in the end, I'm glad I did! :)


Kellie said...

I am sooooo glad you listened to your mother! LOL! Great shots B!

Eleanor said...

Hey, it paid off!! They're beautiful - and the pictures definitely do the flowers justice!!! Good job!! :D