Saturday, July 16, 2011

{Meet Melvin}

My brother and his wife came over last night and surprised us with their new little puppy! We were all instantly in love with him and it's not hard to see why! Just look at that face! He is such a sweet puppy, he is already playful, but he definitely loves to snuggle!
They couldn't decide what to name him so I got online and red off some names from a list and one of them was Melvin! And that's the name they chose for him, Mel for short! It's a pretty hilarious name but it kinda fits! :)
As you can see I was snapping so many pictures last night of my little "nephew pup"!

Jack doesn't know what to think of this little puppy, but last night he acted like this little addition was his toy! :)

He was snuggled up to his mommy in this picture and he could not get close enough!

He loves his daddy already!

Abi wasn't sure either.....and poor Melvin was terrified of both of them!
Here's a little glimpse of spunky little Mel!

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Kellie said...

He is just TOO cute! Love this post B!