Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{Words on a Page}

I think I might have to forget the whole "once a day, every day" blog idea! I just can't seem to remember to do it, and if I do remember, I start to feel guilty that I haven't been on everyday! =)
So instead I will just post some pictures every now and then and I will try to be as faithful as possible!

This picture was used on my other blog for Tuesday's Title {a post where I share a favorite book & give a little review of the book!}

You can probably tell that it is from my favorite book of all time.....Pride & Prejudice!
A romantic way to mark my favorite chapter........with a pressed flower


Kellie said...

Love it B! Great shot and don't fret about everyday... life gets busy and it's better to keep "first things first"!

Eleanor said...

I love the pic and the book! (Like I said on A Cheerful Heart!! :D

It's OK about the not-posting-everyday thing!! Don't worry, we're all there!!!